Twelve heaters plus a/c units

This week is going to be a day of work mixed with some relaxation plus play. I finally want to watch some of this tournament soon so I will just work for another 15 minutes plus then I’ll ride down to the shore plus watch some ball for an hour or so. I think I will get the bulk of my work done in the middle of the day when everyone is taking a chop from the heat. I finally played in three of these local tournaments over the past three years, winning two of them plus dislocating my shoulder in the third. heating plus cooling system technology is what I will write about today plus I will just enjoy the process of work while sitting in air conditioned comfort on a nice soft daybed. I am a bit too sleepy today but I feel pretty good plus I will genuinely play some ball later when the tourney is done. Besides working as an actual heating as well as air conditioning tech writer, I am transitioning to becoming a professional songsian soon plus playing in local companies plus clubs around the country. I have to let go of volleyball as my main pursuit because at 55 years of age my days are numbered in the interest as a competitive player. I will keep writing these heating plus cooling articles for another year but then I will have to put down the pen plus take that mic plus see what I can do with my voice. I care about songs plus want to keep playing it till I figure out what the heck I am doing with the craft.
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