Preparing my heating and cooling system for a storm

An immense nor’easter was on its way.

Preparing my house for what would truly be the storm of the decade was necessary! My primary concern was the brand new HVAC unit that I had recently installed in my home.

I wasn’t about to risk letting my components, or even indoor components suffer any detriment whatsoever from this storm, no matter how disappointing it turned out to be. I had to prepare. The first thing I did was cover up the outdoor condenser unit with a tarp. I tied the tarp down as best as I could. Next, I made sure that my associate and I had surge protectors. One of my old surge protectors clearly needed replacing, then going back to the yard, I also knew that I needed to clear all the yard debris away and prune some of the hedges and bushes to make sure that there wouldn’t be too many sticks or branches flying in the wind. Ultimately, when the storm was on its way, the temperature inside my home was pretty much comfortable, all the wind plus abrupt cool air made it that way, so I decided that I would go ahead and shut the HVAC system completely off. I figured I wouldn’t be turning it on again until the storm had completely passed. As I heard a loud rumble of thunder in the distance, and saw the roiling black clouds approaching, I knew I made the right decision.

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