Unable to use her HVAC system

My neighborhood had a big storm recently.

It wasn’t a hurricane; that’s not quite here yet.

Instead, it was just a bad afternoon thunderstorm. It dropped both rain plus hail plus there were a whole lot of lightning strikes. My home made out okay, however my neighbor’s weren’t so fortunate. At one point in the storm I thought that my home had been directly struck by lightning, because it sounded right on top of us, but it turns out my neighbor’s home had been struck instead. The lightning strike wreaked havoc on her electrical system. There was a lot of electrical detriment, plus the worst part for him was that the heating and cooling systems circuitry was fried as well! It was going to cost him a pretty penny to fix her HVAC unit at this point. This, of course, was about getting her home rewired. Well, I know my associate and I can be grateful that there wasn’t any sort of fire or anything. Still, it’s going to be quite some time before her family is going to be able to enjoy electricity, much less a running air conditioning unit. We decided to buy a couple portable, battery operated air conditioning units for our buddy as a gift. She was grateful, and said that at least she would be able to set one of them up in the master kitchen, and one up in her kids’ room. It was a tough situation to be in, however I am sure her family will pull through.

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