Security solutions plus integrated HVAC

The temperature control does scan the home for people.

My husband plus I do the snowbird thing, but my friend and I are in our northern house for the summer time plus the rest of the time stay down south for the nicer weather, then slowly my pal and I hope to just live in the south plus sell our northern home, then right now my pal and I are in the process of upkeep for each one, but i used to worry about security plus energy waste with the two places. I replaced to a house automation system for each spot plus I have not regretted it, and for my southern home, it is nice that the lights automatically come on when I approach the door. If robbers suppose they are coming in, they won’t be able to due to the keyless entry plus locks on the doors plus windows. My friend and I even have video camera surveillance around the outside… Our northern house is even more decked out. I splurged plus got an integrated Heating plus A/C solution with a smart temperature control, then this is so my pal and I don’t waste any energy by leaving our home. I have the lights on a timed program so that it looks like people live in the house. The Heating plus A/C only turns on when the hot plus cold temperatures get absolutely frosty or absolutely hot. The temperature control does scan the home for people. If anyone shows up, the Heating plus A/C will automatically fire up. I also have the luxury of controlling my heater, air conditioner, lights, plus cameras all from my PC. So if I need to make an replace, I can do that quite easily. It was worth it to supply my husband plus I the peace of mind that both our homes are safe for the weather plus elements.



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