Space heaters causes fire

I live in a very cold part of the country.

I have lived in this type of climate my entire life and I don’t think that I will ever leave.

I really like the cold weather so much! I have visited a southern climate in the past and I have to admit that it’s not for me, there is something about the warm weather that really just turns me off and I could not imagine living in a climate where I have to keep the air conditioner turned on all day and night. This year has been a really tough winter for us though, it has snowed about six feet in the past week and we are expected to get even more snow. At this point most people can’t even leave their homes, so we are stuck inside all day. I know several people who have lost power and don’t have access to an HVAC system anymore. Thankfully, everyone that I know has back up space heaters in case this happens because it has happened several times in the past and we have all had to learn our lesson the hard way. However, when you have space heaters plugged in you have to be extra careful because space heaters can start a fire very quickly and can engulf your whole house in flames in a matter of minutes. I think everyone should have to take a safety class when they purchase a space heater for the first time because it’s easy to get yourself into a bad situation with space heaters.


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