I’m happy with the electric heater

As a activity, I care about to refinish antique wood furniture.  I search garage sales, flea markets, estate sales and antique shops, looking for satisfactory prices on fine pieces.  Very often, the chairs, tables, dressers and desks are heavily painted over, in need of modern hardware, and ugly-looking.  The process of refinishing these pieces is time-consuming, labor-intensive and messy. I beginning by applying coats of chemical paint stripper, which creates horrible fumes.  I then use an electric palm sander to remove any remaining residue, causing a good deal of dust. When it’s time to apply varnish, I need a really wash environment with acceptable ventilation.  Throughout the entire project, temperature control is important. As our activity has grown into a small business, I wanted a dedicated section where I could job year round. I built a small workshop in the backyard and hooked it up to electricity.  Trying to figure out how to handle heating and cooling was a bit of a dilemma. While I was looking for a compact, energy efficient and powerful Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, I was unwilling to spend a fortune on the purchase or installation price.  After quite a bit of research, I came across ductless heat pumps. The idea consists of an outdoor compressor linked by a conduit to an indoor air handler. The component is small, lightweight, and required little more than mounting capability, access to electricity and a more than two-inch hole in an exterior wall.  The heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity, and operates by simply moving heat from a single place to another. In the Winter, it finds ambient warmth in the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature, and pumps it into the shop. During warmer weather, the heat pump reverses the process and works much care about a conventional undefined.

heat pump 

I am out of money

Although I’ve constantly taken truly good care of our gas gas furnace and a/c, I’ve mostly ignored the duct system.  Until just last year, I never gave the air duct a thought. Every Springtime I schedule professional cleaning, complicationshooting and tuning for the a/c, and do the same for the oil furnace in the fall.  I never considered the fact that the heated and cooled air passes through the duct plan many times per day, all year round. My family breathes the air coming from the ducts. Even minor complications with the duct plan is sure to impact air quality, comfort and the performance of the heating and cooling equipment.  It wasn’t until I observed an abundance of dust floating around in the air and some unpleasant odors that I called an Heating and A/C contractor to inspect the duct system. After a thorough diagnosis, the worker informed me that about thirty percent of our heated and cooled air was being lost to small holes in the air duct.  Plus, there was a immense buildup of contaminants within the ducts, which was restricting airflow. The reduction in airflow was really causing the gas furnace and a/c to run longer, use more energy, and suffer needless wear and tear. I was upset that the air duct would need to be replaced, causing a good deal of mess, disruption and expense.  However, the process of duct sealing and cleaning was quick, affordable and non-invasive. The Heating and A/C worker completed the entire job in a single visit. Once he was done, I observed a significant improvement in the comfort and cleanliness of our home. The heating and cooling plan aren’t entirely working as hard, and yet there’s no longer tepid and frosty spots in multiple room.  The savings on our biweekly utility bills is enough to make the duct cleaning and sealing a worthwhile investment.

professional HVAC 

Talking with a lawyer

I was in a really bad vehicle accident a few years ago and it was legitimately scary, and i was driving down this massive stretch of highway with my mom in the side seat and the people I was with and I were just headed downtown to do some shopping. I slowed down to turn left down this little side street and I ended up having to stop because of rush hour traffic. However, the guy who was behind myself and others must’ve been flying because he smashed right into the back of our car, but all of us ended up with serious whiplash however the guy’s insurance company never wanted to pay for our pain and suffering! After a couple of weeks of talking with my awful insurance company, my partner and I hired a personal injury attorney. I mean, it wasn’t like the people I was with and I were getting anywhere with the greedy insurance people separate from a personal injury attorney! I’m legitimately hoping that since we’re going to be working with a professional attorney who is an expert in civil litigation and personal injury, we will finally be able to get everything paid for. All of us explained to our personal injury lawyer, whose name is David, that we honestly just want to get the medical bills paid, the vehicle destructions paid, and a little bit of money for our pain and suffering. After all, it was the other guy’s fault and so the insurance company needs to pay for our damages. According to the personal injury firm, the people I was with and I should end up with all of our bills paid, plus a lot more left over to put in the bank for future troubles that might come up!

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The rules and regulations

HIPAA rules and regulations are something that has been in the news a lot lately, unless you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of nowhere, you’ve heard about all of the problems that many hospitals in our state have been having when it comes to HIPAA regulations plus maintaining patient privacy and all sort things of that nature, but well, it turns out that HIPAA regulations can absolutely be pretty terrible to deal with, and that’s especially true if you aren’t familiar with the medical field plus all of the words and terminology that HIPAA laws plus HIPAA documents hold, but a few days ago, I was on the hunt to get some of my patient medical records from my OBGYN plus the lady at his office refused to provide myself and others my records, but i wasn’t absolutely sure why they wouldn’t since they were my own personal records! It’s not like I was trying to get someone else’s records! I completely agree that medical information has the right to be completely private, but I also think that a person should have access to their own personal medical info, HIPAA laws or no HIPAA laws! Do you think what I mean? I don’t think I should get the annoying runaround from my OB’s office when his entire file on myself and others is my information! I just think that’s wild. Anyway, I looked up HIPAA risk assessment regulations plus I found out that the law does give patients the full right to get copies of all of their medical records, even if the doctor doesn’t want to supply them! I emailed back to the OB’s office plus told them that I knew that I had a right to get my records according to the HIPAA analysis law plus then they handed all of my files right over.


What I decided

When my lovely sibling jake graduated from middle school a couple of years ago, none of us easily had any plan about what he might end up doing with his young life, he was always kind of flighty, plus he would switch from one task to another without much attention, honestly, then but both of us were pleasantly surprised when this newspaper article Jim was learning one afternoon easily seemed to soak up all of his interest. It was all about a work field called building control solutions, plus Jim thought that he might be taken in learning about commercial building control solutions. He decided, after a tiny bit of research, of course, that he wanted to easily go into building management systems! Then once that Jake decided that building management systems was the proper field for him, wild animals couldn’t keep him from learning easily every single thing that he could learn about automation waitresses, integrated Heating plus A/C control units, smart buildings, air handling unit controls, etc. He was like a man dead set to be a know it all about building automation plus everything that it entails, and jim has always been someone who, once he puts his mind to something important, he just can’t be stopped. I’m proud of him for going into this very unpopular field when most of his friends went to school to be lawyers plus accountants and scientists. I suppose that he will do easily well in the field of building automation plus eventually, he will make a name for himself in the industry I promise you that. I’m so proud of my little sibling. Just don’t tell him or it might go to his head!

BATC controls 

My son in law

My daughter’s significant other seems to be quite a catch, and he’s absolutely cute, & he’s super calm & nice. He volunteers with his church & he absolutely enjoys his mom. He enjoys pets & playing basketball & taking care of his little sibling, and i mean, what more could a mother absolutely want out of her daughter’s partner, when you come to think of it at first? For starters, I was distraught that maybe he was just a nice cute kid however that he might not be planning on doing anything with his life, in his career. Well oh boy, did I turn out to be wrong about that. When I asked him on what his plans were for after school graduation next month, he had an first answer! He is scheming on going into mission critical system design for new buildings & installing mission critical control systems & electrical power monitoring units into smart buildings all around. I was blown away when he gave myself and others that answer! I didn’t absolutely even imagine what a mission critical system design even was, however he was full of technical details about building automation & building analytics installation. I guess his pops is in the same BATC company, & so he’s been around that kind of thing for most of his life. He’s got a life plan, & he honestly seems to be sticking to it strong, and now if he & my kid will just stick together too, I will have a new son in law eventually! I assume it’s kinda early to be thinking about that but I mean, maybe I will be right!

engineering building control 

Does that remind you of HVAC?

I just found an article about how full our brains are.  Apparently, there is so much data entering our brain that our brains are going into info overload.  Trying to remember all the passwords needed can make a head hurt. Not to mention all the other data our brains are being deluged with on a daily basis.  I have always been a list guy in order to keep things straight. I have oodles of legal pads with all sorts of instruction plus ideas. For the daily grind, I carry a small notepad to check off daily tasks & jot down thoughts.  This plan may now be completely obsolete. I can’t even remember to change the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C air filter on our heating plus cooling system. It’s to be changed every 30 mornings, no exceptions. Yet, I remember just as I’m falling asleep or driving to work.  My child thinks she has the answer. She has put a series of alarms on our PC devoted solely to Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C responsibilities. This is fairly earth shattering for me. Now, every 30 mornings an alarm goes off so I remember the air filter. Every five months the alarm on our PC goes off to tell myself and others it’s time to schedule the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C semi annual service call.  The maintenance call constantly gets by me. I end up at the absolute bottom of the list so the service call happens deep into the chilly or the hot season. Well, not anymore. My Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C alarms even have their very own tone to them. I can figure out what is up just by the jingle of the alarm. I sure hope this works because the last thing I want to do is mess up our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit.  And genuinely not because I simply forgot about it.

central air conditioning 

Drilling a small hole

The little village I live in is turning into a comfortable community for the city.  What was once a small little hamlet is now filling up with newcomers. It’s hard to assume for me.  I recall this section being nothing but farmland as well as a few businesses on main street. Well, mainstreet is now being revitalized with some creative ideas.  I recently joined in on all this. The outdated feed as well as seed building was for sale some years ago so, I bought it. My thinking was preservation as well as a long time investment.  The return on the investment came sooner than later. The building has been gutted to deliver condo living on main street. The feed as well as seed store never had any formal Heating as well as A/C so, that was the first thing I needed to rectify.  I partnered up with an Heating as well as A/C business to find the best chances for heating as well as cooling the apartments. The locale will eventually contain 8 really nice apartments. Instead of getting into the expense of running HVAC ducts through the building, the two of us went another direction.  A multi split Heating as well as A/C cooling plan simply made more sense. The multi split component is ductless which is a sizable advantage in this particular scenario. Each condo will have its own air handler mounted high on the exterior wall. The 1 air handler will be more than enough to heat as well as cool a single apartment.  Each of these inside components is then connected to a compressor component outside. They are connected by a series of wires as well as tubes through a small hole in the exterior wall. This should be attractive to all the up-to-date tenants moving to the area.

heating and air 

I saw many disadvantages

You know, it’s not all the time that it gets very tepid around my section of the state! The weather is usually fair, if not generally chilly, but it’s rarely tepid enough to justify running anything more strong than a window-mounted air conditioner unit. For that reason exactly, I’ve been cautiously considering my possibilities for a cooling system, as the house I’m moving into has nothing except ceiling fans in each room, and if I still lived in the South, that would be inadequate! Here though, it’s perfectly cool the majority of the time, however so the house I’m moving into has a oil furnace as the oil furnace, which is superb for when it gets undoubtedly cold! However, that oil furnace can be overpowering, as the house isn’t undoubtedly large. Due to this fact, I’m often having to open windows around the house just to let some of the heat out, and that can be a huge strain on me as far as energy bills go… Rather than typically trying to remember which windows are open plus where, I’ve decided to instead purchase a whole-house fan. These are designed to install directly into the attic of a home, plus work by quickly pressurizing the entire house, forcing much of the heat out plus into the outdoors, and doing this also requires a couple small windows to be open as close to the ground as possible, as the downside pressure outside will try to get into the house plus balance everything out. That downside pressure is frigid air, so you have to be very careful about how long you run the whole-house fan! Besides doing that, it will be just as frigid as it was when you first used the oil furnace, plus then you’re back in square one!

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I am so cold

Life as a musical entertainer can be challenging, like writing a great book, your creativity is limited by what your label wants you to submit, you just might have this creative vision for an album, but the people who ensure your tunes gets out to the public say that it needs a different tone! It’s a constant supply and take situation, and the artists seem to be doing all the donating! So, I try to do anything I can to make sure our house life is as much under our control as can be, that’s exactly the reason why I got so frustrated the other morning, when I had a visit from the Heating and Air Conditioning repair corporation that didn’t go as planned. See, I was supposed to get radiant floors installed in the first floor of our home. I have been hearing that radiant floors were this incredibly cost-effective gas furnace, and I’ve always dealt with our extremities getting frozen cold, especially our feet! Sadly, when the Heating and Air Conditioning repair professionals came in, they told me that using radiant flooring simply wouldn’t job out for me in our home. I couldn’t understand why however,  it’s a apartment like any other! The “professionals” from the Heating and Air Conditioning repair company tried to tell me that our apartment has an unusual basement, and that the flooring of the first floor isn’t stable enough for radiant floors to work the right way. I don’t see how that’s the case, when many other individuals from the same corporation told me that radiant heated floors were an simple install that our apartment could maintain. The Heating and Air Conditioning man and I got into a heated fight about who said what, which got way out of proportion when a single of them said that I’m just “another person living in their own crazy fantasy world”! Can you think that? I’m not famous – I’m not even known throughout our city, and this guy made a comment like that. I was speechless! I guess I’ll have to figure out how to install the radiant floor plan all on my own!

radiant flooring