My personal trainer was great

I have always felt it is important for a person to know their limits.

I am in my middle aged years now, and I just can’t push my body like I used to.

I hate to admit it, but I can’t even mow the whole yard in one go anymore. It gets so hot and humid out, after I finish the front yard I am woozy and need to rest for a while. If I push myself too hard, I may pass out or worse, and I’m old enough where I can’t take that chance. My doctor has been recommending that I sign up at a gym so I can work with a personal trainer and figure out the best way to navigate an exercise program. I was hoping there would be a pill I could take that would make me better, but apparently I just need to get stronger and build more endurance, so a personal trainer is my only real solution. I have to say I was a little intimidated at first, because so many people at the gym are fit and trim and muscular, and I am older and dumpy around the middle. My personal trainer was named Brad, and I told him right away that I wasn’t comfortable. Brad walked me out the gym, and we took a nearby nature path and discussed what I wanted, and what my doctor said I needed. Brad came up with a great health and wellness plan I could do at home, to get me started, and said we would try out the gym in a month and see how it went.

Personal Training