Smoking pot in my roommates home gym

My roommate Ted is the health nut, not me.

He keeps fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge, and I mainly eat Raman noodles and bacon. I will just cook up a pound of bacon and eat it for a meal, with nothing else. Anyway, when the first COVID quarantine came down, it was like an iron curtain falling, and everyone was stuck where they were. As luck would have it, Ted was visiting his girlfriend in the north part of the state, so he was trapped there for the foreseeable future. I had the place to myself for a long time, and eventually I started using Ted’s home gym equipment he had in his room. I have never been a gym kind of guy, for me eating a salad was considered to be enough of a workout for a whole week. But after a few weeks of being trapped I had a lot of extra energy, and started watching TV in the home gym so I could exercise a little while I watched TV. I still smoked tons of pot, but it turns out the stationary bike in the home gym is great for smoking out while you work out. Over two months I lost fifteen pounds, which is pretty good, but on the down side the home gym reeked like pot now. When I got word Ted was coming back home I spent four hours cleaning the home gym from top to bottom, and still couldn’t get the smell entirely out. Ted is going to be pissed I smoked out in his gym.


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