I would be fine not using the central heating during the Winter

For the holidays, I spent a week at my parents’ house.

  • And while I was there, I realized how much I don’t like using the heat during the Winter months.

My parents have a two story home and they have a zone controlled HVAC system with 2 separate thermostats. I am glad that the HVAC unit is set up that way because my parents love to sleep with their thermostat set to 80 degrees in the Winter. In my opinion, that is way too hot and it’s always so uncomfortable inside their room. My room is located upstairs and thankfully, I can adjust the thermostat to my liking. On the first night, it was set to 74 degrees, and it was so warm in my room that I could not sleep. I eventually adjusted the thermostat down to 68 degrees, which is the temperature recommended by the Department of Energy. Well, 68 was still too hot, so I lowered the thermostat to 65 degrees. That was a lot more comfortable, but it was warm when the heat cycled on, so I used my ceiling fan to help to keep my room cool while the heat was running. I wish I could have completely turned off the heat, but my uncle and aunt were also staying at the house. I didn’t want them to be uncomfortable while they slept, so I made sure that the central heat would cycle on during the night. I know having central heat is a luxury for many people in this country, but for me, I would be fine without using it during the Winter months.



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