Why we are using a heat pump for our new home

We are an environmentally conscious couple, so we are keen on how we build our house and what we use to help with indoor comfort. Our main worry was that we couldn’t find a climate-friendly whole home heating solution but consultations with a heating technician led us to settle for a heat pump. The heat pump installation offers a more energy-efficient solution, and we don’t need to use oil and gas, hence a lower carbon footprint. We spent a lot of time with an HVAC professional to learn more about heating and the advances the heating industry has made to ensure that the new heating and cooling solutions are environmentally sustainable. The system would sort our cooling needs in the summer and provide heating during winter without us buying additional equipment if we bought the right one for our home on the first purchase. Our heating dealer also explained the other benefits of pairing the unit with a smart thermostat if we wanted to achieve more energy-saving points. Since we were installing a new system, finding a thermostat compatible with our heat pump-based system was easy. We found both at the local heating business and had them installed. We intend to keep up with heater maintenance to ensure that the system serves us for as long as its intended. The heating company experts were impressed that we are keen on using sustainable solutions in our home since few people had picked up on the option when we did. Any homeowner looking to be part of the solution should consider using heat pumps when changing to new units or building a new home. With the advances in HVAC technologies, you shouldn’t be guilted into using heating and cooling systems in your homes because there are options with a lower carbon footprint.

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