Frugality and your HVAC system

I tried to save money wherever possible.

I am not a cheapskate, but I try to be frugal.

One of the things that matters to me, though, is having comfortable heating and cooling. Our summers are brutal much of the time, but winters can often be pretty cold! We barely ever get mild weather, but there are brief times in the spring and the fall, when weather can be pleasant. So, I use my HVAC system excessively when I occupy my house. That being said, I tend to be away for at least dozens of hours a week! So, for the longest time, I got into the habit of turning my control unit up or down ten degrees when I wasn’t home, to save on my energy costs. In the heat of the summer, I would set my control unit to 70-degrees, before I left the home, so that it would rarely turn on. In the winter, I would set it to 60-degrees, so that the heat wouldn’t kick in so much, either. This has saved me considerable money over the years on my energy bills. The only thing I struggle with is coming home to a home that needs to be adjusted in temperature before it’s comfortable again. Luckily, my HVAC system is a pretty wonderful unit, so it brings things back up or down to comfortable temperatures quickly. I am even starting to wonder whether or not I should simply shut off the HVAC system before I leave for work in the morning, as it may not make all that much of a difference!
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