Air control trouble at a bakery

My friend owns a small bakery.

I like to stop by at least a couple times a week, periodically on my dinner hour or over the weekend.

Business is pretty good for her. People enjoy the assorted pastries she makes, along with her three employees, but lately she has been telling me that she is having trouble with one thing. Sometimes, it gets distressingly hot in the bakery. In order to keep certain confectionery items from melting or otherwise not coming out quite the way she wants them to, she has to blast the cooling system. This is undoubtedly raising energy costs for her. She also needs to order service on the heating and cooling system because it needs to be clean to prevent the air quality from spiraling downhill. She wouldn’t want to have moldy or mildew air blowing on her cakes and pies! I was resting there discussing this one day when I realized there may be a straight-forward solution. I proposed that she supplement the air conditioning unit by strategically placing fans in certain parts of the bakery to keep the air circulation going plus to prevent certain confections from spoiling. She was easily kind of embarrassed that she never thought of that, however that is what friends are for: two heads are better than one! She even baked me a cake, just for giving her a straight-forward idea. I hear that it’s working pretty good. Maybe she will not have to spend so much money for air conditioning now.

Cooling expert