New pet complicates HVAC situation

When I moved into a new home five years ago, I didn’t have any pets.

I don’t mind cats or dogs, but I wasn’t planning on getting one.

Then, about half a year into living there, a stray dog kept showing up at work. My co-workers and I would often feed it and leave water out for it. The dog ended up coming around for two weeks! I warmed up to the dog, and because nobody else seemed inclined to take it home, I decided I would provide it a home. The dog suckered me in. I have to confess that I have appreciated her company, but she sheds a lot! I didn’t mind doing a little extra vacuuming every now and then, but what I didn’t realize is that my air conditioning unit would be affected as well. Dog hair and dander was getting sucked into the system and fouling up the air filter faster than if I didn’t have the dog. I needed to call out a heating and cooling technician to wash my system, because the fur was easily flying and I wanted my system to be clean, and my air to be a little more breathable! Cleaning up after all the shedding is a pain in the butt, and the additional HVAC service is a bit inconveniencing, but I still love my dog to death. You adapt when you prefer someone.

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