My HVAC system lasted over seventeen years

It’s been 17 years since I installed my heating and cooling system in my home.

I have treated this system as delicately as I possibly could.

However, it is finally showing signs of aging. The first indication my system was on its way out was my rising energy bills. The price of heating and cooling steadily increased for the past year. I was not using my system any more or less than I usually did, and my energy bills crept up and up until it was conspicuous how much I was paying. Then, I began to notice that certain rooms in my home were no longer as comfortable as the other rooms. I noticed that the side of the home that the system was farthest from kept getting warmer and warmer. It seemed like my HVAC system just wasn’t able to put out as much cooling as it used to. The final straw came when little problems began developing that required service calls, Something would go wrong, and then something else would go wrong, and then that same thing would need to be fixed a short time later. It was undoubtedly time for a new HVAC system! Still, I was quite impressed with myself that I was able to squeeze just over 17 years out of my system. Similar models may only last for a mere decade, if they are not properly cared for.

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