Buying a new heating and cooling system

I bought a home with an HVAC system that was already several years old.

I was determined to get at least several more years out of it.

I took good care of it throughout those several years, so It did last that long. However, by the eighth year, it was pretty clear that it was time for a replacement. I called an HVAC technician to start talking about what kind of brand new system I might be interested in purchasing. I have been saving money in anticipation of having to replace my old HVAC system. I was ready to get a new one that I intended to have for at least 15 years! I knew I was staying put in this house. I was taking good care of the home. It’s in a wonderful area of town, and I’ve come to love my property. I was ecstatic when the HVAC technician mentioned that heating and cooling technology has greatly improved in the past decade. My family and I were looking at several different tempting offers for systems that provided a variety of perks plus benefits. I ultimately settled on a heat pump system, mostly because it takes care of both heating and cooling, and is quite efficient. It lasts for a long time! Once I settled on the system that was right from my house, the technician had to do the typical measurements and determine whether or not my air duct needed to be replaced as well. I was quite ecstatic that it didn’t need to be replaced!

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