Furnace is so loud at night

I’ve always done well when I have background noise for highly concentration dependent tasks or sleeping at night.

  • I love keeping talk radio on, and I’ve been a huge proponent of running fans at night in order to create a gentle humming sound to calm my brain; however, it turns out that box fans may be the only HVAC component that puts my mind at ease.

I say this because we recently got a new furnace which is keeping me awake at all hours of the night, and I’m at my wits end trying to deal with the insomnia it is creating. On the first night that the heater was installed, we had outdoor temperatures well below 0 degrees. We needed to run the furnace for the entire night just to keep the house in livable conditions, and the furnace didn’t let us forget about it’s hard work combatting the frigid outdoor conditions. All night I heard it banging at an unbelievable volume, and went down to investigate several times to make sure everything seemed to be in order. Each time I approached the heater closet, there were no suspicious odors or sights to be seen, only loud banging noises emitted from the metal cabinet. We called the local HVAC specialist for an inspection the next day, but they reassured us that the heating unit had been installed correctly. They recommended upgrading the furnace as soon as possible to eliminate the unpleasant noise, but our hands are tied until we save up some money for an HVAC upgrade.


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