A/c thermostat

My best friend and I decided to get an apartment together. We were both working at Taco Bell, and we had enough money to get an apartment together. I really wanted to move out of my parents house, and my best friend wanted to break up with his girlfriend. We had just enough money to get a one-bedroom apartment. I slept in the living room, and Todd slept in the bedroom. Todd paid an extra $100 for the rent, since he got the bedroom. Todd and I never argued about anything, and things were perfect. About six months after we got our apartment, Todd decided to get back together with his girlfriend. Instead of moving back to their old place, Todd asked if Caitlin could move in with us. I couldn’t afford to live in the apartment without Todd, so I agreed. It’s been really rough since Caitlin moved into our apartment. Todd and I are constantly arguing, because Caitlin is an awful person. She complains about everything, and right now it’s the A/C. Todd and I only make a little bit of money, so we keep the A/C thermostat set to 76 degrees. Caitlin complains that 76 degrees is too warm, and consistently changes the temperature on the A/C thermostat. Last month, Todd and I spent too much money on the electric bill. If Caitlin continues to adjust the A/C thermostat, Todd and I are probably going to part ways. I enjoyed living with Todd, until Caitlin moved in and started causing problems. The longer she lives here, the less I respect my friend.

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