I enjoy having this job

You assume what drives myself and others insane? When my parents entirely  rarely have the house warm. The two of us live up north, and yes it gets to be absolutely frigid. I hate being cold. It’s a single thing that i cannot stand. The only way I can hot myself up is when the heat is on or burying myself under tons of blankets in my bed. I can’t kneel in bed all day when i have to get stuff done around the house. I swear my parents don’t guess in heat. What’s the point of having an Heating and Air Conditioning system when it feels prefer they don’t use it. The two of us could live in in an igloo and it would entirely  be warmer than my parent’s house. Not really, however sometimes i recognize that way. Our heating system broke last week. I thought our house was frigid before, well it was absolutely frigid now. I had to wear 3 extra layers to keep my body temperature up. My mom called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come over to take a look at our Heating and Air Conditioning system. They arrived an minute later and i was never so happy to see someone in my life. The specialist went to take a look at our Heating and Air Conditioning system. The specialist told my mom that the pipes were clogged. He would need to unclog them for us before he can get our heating system really working again. I was starting to assume maybe that was why our house was always so frigid even when the heat was on. The pipes must have been clogged for a while, and our Heating and Air Conditioning system couldn’t take it anymore so it respectfully stopped really working.

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