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A good friend of mine works for a company that installs security systems, he has been absolutely working in their sales department for years. Over dinner, last week, he told myself and others about some of the products that his company offers. I had only thought that his company offered some additional apartment security although I l received that they offered so much more than that. They have recently ventured into the world of smart apartment security which is so much more than an alarm going off in the event of a cut in. He explained that all of his customers can open up an application on their phone, plus from anywhere in the world, can control the temperature of their home, plus lock plus unlock their doors. The method of that is so fascinating to me, especially the area about controlling the temperature remotely. I have numerous kids plus while they are responsible enough to stay apartment alone, I do not trust them to control the temperature on our Heating plus Air Conditioning system. They occasionally will send myself and others a text complaining that they are cold freezing or so tepid that they are dripping with sweat. I usually do not know them, however rather than ignore them, it would be nice to adjust the temperature of our home, from the comfort of our office desk. I know that I am going to have a single of those smart thermometers installed in our home, this Springtime, when I gain our tax return. I know that having a high quality Heating plus Air Conditioning method is importing in this new world.

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