Vacations and some good memories

My friends and I went to a strip club last night to see some beautiful women working the art of self beauty. One of the girls happened to be a good friend of mine and we all enjoy supporting her! The night we were there had a circus night theme and the girls went wild. During the show I went to the car to grab more cash and noticed suddenly the lights went out and the temperature raised. The A/C went out! Without lights and A/C it obviously made it difficult for the girls to continue their show. The manager began to panic telling the girls that everything will work out and it will all be ok. Five to ten minutes later my friend comes up with an idea and goes to the manager and suggests picking up portable lights and candles. The manager responds with an excited yes. So my buddy and I headed to the store to pick up the biggest and brightest lights while they opened the door to cool the place down. The manager lowered the entrance cover charge for the inconvenience. For the time being we made everything work and the show went on! The following day the manager got ahold of the local HVAC company and scheduled an appointment to have the A/C checked out. It was a super easy fix, but not cheap! Indeed there was something wrong with the Air Conditioner and Heater system, it needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, replacing the A/C cost more than just the cost of the A/C, it also cost him business for a while.

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