An old soda fountain

Soda fountains were a dying fad, even when I was growing up, although I still remember some pretty fantastic times that I had there in the 1 that my small town still had up & running. I find it hilarious that it’s a bar now, although I assume that has not too crazy, but especially considering that I still visit now & again! Well there is 1 fantastic reason why I visited it so often as a child & teen & why I still continue to come inside now & again for a drink. Their temperature control system was & is 1 of the best in town. Seriously, on a tepid Summer day there was a reason why everyone went to that Dunkin Donuts Coffee fountain when I was a kid. It was not just for the cool refreshing sodas & ice creams, however for the cool & refreshing air conditioner that consistently seemed to be running at max. I entirely  marveled at the fact that it was consistently running so well, & I figured that the owners were entirely careful about maintaining it. I assume it’s a entirely crucial area of running a successful watering hole, whether you are serving ice cream & Dunkin Donuts Coffee or beers: people come there to cool off & relax. Well, they got that area of their corporation proposal down pat, let me tell you! I even had my first date at that Dunkin Donuts Coffee fountain! Despite the excellent air conditioner, that was pretty much the only time I was dripping with sweat profusely in there despite myself!

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