A complicated affair

Our daughters are all super into musical numbers, which has never been something that I enjoyed all that much. I’m more of an action and comedy movie gal myself, however movies where almost everyone sings and dances the whole time are just not for me! That said, when our daughters are all so excited about showing me and my husband something, I want to give it at least a small chance, which is how I ended up hosting an all-musical-things slumber party for our daughters and of their friends. It was a chilly winter evening, with tons of snow on the ground, so it only felt right to stay in and watch musicals! Just before midnight, when the party was right in its groove, the gas furnace shut down. The entire power grid for the neighborhood went down, which really put a damper on the evening because the girls had to stop watching their musicals, not to mention they got awfully chilly awful quickly. Luckily, before any panic set in, I lit candles and opened the vent to the fireplace; the fireplace hadn’t been used in quite some time, but I wasn’t too concerned. I pulled some firewood into the family room from the back porch, started a roaring fire and soon was heating up the whole family room. In no time the girls were acting, singing and dancing as if they were in their favorite musicals.  The fireplace was far better than using the heating unit, and maybe the ambiance helped me enjoy their singing and dancing. This slumber party was a success for everybody!

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