He genuinely adjusted the temperature control settings in the diner with his smartphone!

I went to a pretty nice diner the other day to enjoy a nice lunch outside of work.

The only thing that bothered me was the air quality in that place, as the air quality was just awful from the get-go.

It was such a nice diner from the outside appearance, so I wanted to see if the restaurant manager might adjust the temperature control settings to make it more comfortable for everyone inside. While it was muggy and overheated outside the venue, the interior temperatures matched – that wasn’t good! I figured it was just due to the venue being so packed full of people! I finally asked the manager if he could adjust the temperature control settings, and explained how it was incredibly hot and muggy for all of the customers. He said he did feel a little hot himself, despite the fact that he thought it was because of all the running around, and he appreciated that I brought this up to his attention! I expected him to wander to a thermostat on the wall somewhere, but instead he pulled out his cellphone and tapped on it a few times. Before I could ask what he was doing, the a/c was flowing in the diner! How incredible. I asked him if he just adjusted the temperature control settings on his phone, and he said that they had a smart temperature control system for their HVAC system. I could tell a lot of people in the diner were relieved when the A/C system kicked on!