Refrigerant is going to be gone soon

Did you know that the AC unit needs refrigerant to convert air into cold air? The liquid refrigerant creates a chemical reaction that chills and freezes the air. Without this special refrigerant, the air isn’t much colder than outside. In fact, the air conditioner is pretty useless without the chemical. I didn’t know much about liquid refrigerant, until my air conditioner stopped working. I read all about the many problems that could occur, and every website made me believe the problem was low refrigerant. Unfortunately, that’s not a problem that I can fix on my own. I had to contact a local HVAC corporation to add refrigerant to my HVAC unit. I wasn’t sure if that would fix the problem, but the HVAC technician check the system first. I was 100% absolutely correct, and the issue was low refrigerant. After adding some R-22 freon, the air conditioner was cool once again. When the HVAC representative presented me with the bill, he also gave me an informative packet on converting from the R32 refrigerant. Apparently, this type of refrigerant is going to be phased out in less than 2 years. My wife and I didn’t know this when we purchased our old air conditioner, and it’s only a few years of age. I guess I will have someone from the HVAC company come over and check the levels, right before the refrigerant becomes obsolete. Then next time, we won’t have any choice but get rid of the old air conditioner and go with something new. I’m not looking forward to that day at all.


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