There are so many cold spots in our house

There is definitely an issue with my HVAC system because there are so many cold spots all over our house.

Well, there are hot spots in our house, too, but that usually only happens during the winter when the furnace is running.

This time of the year, I notice the cold spots more than anything else. I recently switched our HVAC system over from heating to cooling since the weather outside is finally warming up. Of course, that’s when I started to notice the cold spots. There’s one in the hallway upstairs and there’s one in the corner of the living room close to the fireplace. I called my local heating and cooling company to see if they had any advice for me. The HVAC technician that I spoke with told me that usually if you have a cold spot in your house, that means that there’s an issue with one of your air ducts. It might be cracked or there might be a disconnection somewhere with one of the other pieces of ductwork. There might even be a problem with faulty installation or you might have too many vents in the room. He told me to check and make sure that all of the air vents in the house are open to make sure that the air conditioning was moving around the house the way that it should. Apparently, sometimes the A/C gets concentrated in one room and that can cause a cold spot. I decided to just make an appointment with them so they can come and check my ventilation system for cracks and leaks.


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