We had such a great time on our drives back then

Way back when, me and my girlfriend at the time used to go on these wonderful drives to the beach in the summer season months. It was a rather special time, and we used to crank the air conditioner machine as both of us cruised down the road and would just appreciate the nice air quality of the beach air mixed with the central air conditioner machine. We did this by leaving the windows rolled down while cranking the air conditioner machine. I suppose this may sound sort of like a major waste of air by doing this, but trust me when I tell you that the combination of the central air conditioner machine mixed with the amazing air quality coming off the beach was simply heaven. And dare I say it was kind of sentimental too in a way. It was a single one of those “ you had to be there” kind of things I guess. These days, my girlfriend from back then is my wife and both of us sometimes remember those awesome summer season days from decades ago when both of us loved cranking the central air conditioner machine in the automobile and mixing it with the awesome beach air quality. This is something both of us sometimes still do to this day in the summer season however not at the same beach area. We actually live in a completely different part of the country these days. And I can tell you that although the beach air quality is pretty nice, it is not as good as the air quality back from that other beach back then. We honestly have talked about visiting back at that lovely place this summer season to do it all again.
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