What is the best option though

What I am looking for is a commercial printer. I have done a lot of looking around online and keep coming back to Arrow Systems. They seem to be the head honchos in the printing community, but they have so many kinds of options, I don’t know which one to choose! I am looking to print posters and pamphlets for my business at this point. But, it’s legitimately likely that soon I will be printing labels and maybe signs as well. Fortunately, it seems that Arrow Systems can handle all those printing needs easily. At this point I am just looking for a commercial printer for posters plus pamphlets. I’m stuck between Colordyne or Gerber Technology. I would reach out to Arrow Systems by phone, however I would love some outside advice first. Please keep in mind that currently I am thinking paper but will move onto signs and labels for my business. If Colordyne or Gerber can double as that kind of commercial printer as well, that might be the best choice for me. I’m just looking for the most cost-effective solution to do my business printing. I do want to use Arrow Systems though, no questions asked. Arrow Systems has so many kinds of labels under their name that it seems like a no-brainer to keep my business in a single place and, hopefully, consolidate payments, and repairs. I would just love some advice on Gerber Technology and on Colordyne. Both seem like good options, but I want the best option.