I regularly love keeping up with new technology

You can call me a full on technological freak. I am constantly keeping up with all the latest and greatest in all forms of technology. I’m regularly keeping up with everything from PCs, to cell phones and even heating and a/c machines. My new technology on the central heating and a/c machine costs me though. When they come out with an entirely great new heat and air conditioning machine, I have to substitute the old one! Of course, that is only if there is some sizable improvement to the workings of it. If they just have a new Heating and Air Conditioning machine come on the market, I don’t immediately head out and blow thousands of dollars on it. I may be a technology freak although I am no dummy! The other thing I consistently keep up on with Heating and Air Conditioning technology is the thermostats. Currently I have a brand new and entirely modern smart thermostat. This smart thermostat I have is the best available on the market to date. No Heating and Air Conditioning machine can outdo the smart thermostat I have! Because I have the best smart thermostat. I have to say though, that periodically with all of these various upgrades in Heating and Air Conditioning technology, they are not all spectacular. Sometimes the old is better than the new. This was the case with one digital thermostat a while back. I won’t get into that story at the moment, however it was nothing short of a nightmare and I ended up going back to our old thermostat instead after trying it out. Nevertheless, I will regularly be up for trying new technology!


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