Why i needed a plumber

I was so angry at myself.

I had to call a plumber to unclog my washer room sink! The sink ended up getting clogged because I decided to try these new washable air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system.

These washable air filters had just come on the market and they were some new brand that were supposed to be the best thing to ever hit the HVAC market. Well, the truth of the matter is they are a major piece of junk! I was always having to wash the washable air filters every few weeks! It was ridiculous. And not to mention, the washable air filters would shed a little bit every single time. That is how cheap they were made. And that shedding of the washable air filters getting into my washer room’s sink was the reason the drain was clogged and I needed to call a plumber! If I had not listened to that pushy salesman at the hardware store about how great these brand new washable air filters were, I would not be having to spend several hundred dollars on a plumber right now! I should sue the hardware store in small claims court for this. Selling me awful washable air filters! I will never shop at this hardware store again, i’ll tell you that much. They lost a customer. I am going to go out and but the regular HEPA air filters that I always buy. At least with HEPA air filters I know they will always be reliable and work best!


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