Doing a mobile kitchen while my dream one was being built

My house was definitely designed and then built by a man.

Everything is geared towards being a man’s dream and a woman’s nightmare.

There is no storage anywhere. The bathrooms have tiny vanities and the hallway closet houses a huge HVAC unit and a water heater. There is a giant backyard shed to keep tools in though. There is also a room in the house with built in gun safes, floor outlets and clearly a spot for a pool table. The worst was the kitchen though. My kitchen was ridiculously small and set up terribly. It was clear the previous owner never cooked. I looked all around the house trying to find a way to open the space up. There simply was no room to work. I realized that I needed to tear down a wall and expand the home in order to have a good kitchen. The project was going to be messy and very time consuming. I was looking at not having a kitchen for almost a year. A lot of my friends told me to just grill my food and wash dishes in the bathtub. Doing that for a year would have been horrible. What I did instead was find a portable kitchen solution. A lot of food vendors for special events or restaurant owners will choose a mobile kitchen. They have a shipping container that has everything they need inside. There is electricity, plumbing and HVAC. You can design the space to be a great temporary kitchen set up. It is all housed in a shipping container for an affordable price. It was perfect for me.

Shipping Container Homes