The Little Issue With our Tankless Hot Water Heater was Electrical

Occasionally, it is really straight-forward to see where a concern is coming from.

It constantly makes our job easier as a plumber when the solution and concern are right in front of us.

It’s not always the case when I am working on commercial and residential repairs. I was recently at a residential new home with a purchaser that bought a tankless water furnace from our supplier and the tankless water furnace was not heating water properly. I understood exactly why the purchaser was upset, as I would be sad as well if the product that I recently installed was already broken. But the unit was not entirely broken, as I carefully explained to the customer. The concern, in fact, was due to an electrical issue that was beyond our control, as the box was totally overloaded and we all told the purchaser when we installed the new unit that this could lead to a concern in the future. The purchaser had to contact an electric supplier to come out to service the problem, and it seemed like the water furnace was overloading all of the circuitry in the box. I felt that the purchaser might need to update the electrical box to handle the new from the tankless water furnace. The purchaser was unhappy with our interpretation of the problem and so I told her that I could contact someone else from the supplier to get another opinion. She paid the bill for our evaluation and estimate and I did not hear from that purchaser again. I guess that she contacted an electrical supplier to service the issue just like I recommended.

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