Helping an HVAC expert to play volleyball

Today is Tuesday & I have an HVAC machine pro wanting me to get him up to speed in beach volleyball for this tournament coming up very soon.

He is paying me $15 an hour to train him every morning for the next various weeks. It’s pretty good money for doing something that basically is second nature to me as I’ve been playing the activity for around 30 years. I started playing with this new supplier friend of mine back in the Sunshine State, & a year later I found myself playing in Cali on the coast against some genuinely awesome players! My HVAC machine supplier has had a couple tournaments & I won the both of them. The one I went to after that, they had I also played in but it didn’t go especially well. I ended up dislocating my shoulder hitting a ball in a single of the matches. I went to the local business the next morning to assess the disfigurement & help me maintain it. That process took a number of months to get it back to working fine again. I have to do a lot of HVAC machine lifting tasks so my shoulders are pretty important, but the rehab genuinely made them a lot stronger to be honest. I am going to train this guy for so many hours today & then take an hour break before heading off to play drums in my band on the same beach. It’s just going to be a long beach experience & my local supplier friend is joining us to help me train the guy. It should be a pretty awesome fun morning. I also have to grab a HEPA filter at the HVAC machine business before the training.



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