Installing a solar-powered heat pump

We added solar panels to our home five years ago and have since been looking to transition to more affordable energy options. Our latest strategy was installing a solar-powered heat pump. Before went bought any new equipment, we made an appointment with the heating company that has always handled our heater maintenance and explained what we were planning to do. Still, we needed to learn more about heating using solar panels. They scheduled us to meet a heating technician from their team who specialized in solar-powered heating and cooling systems, so we knew we’d be in good hands. We planned to have the meeting at our home so that the HVAC professional would inspect what we already had. We explained that we needed a new solar energy heating system since we wanted to limit our electrical energy bills. We already had an efficient system, but the savings it gave us on whole-home heating and cooling were lower than we hoped to achieve in the long term. The heating dealer told us that before the heat pump installation, we’d need to upgrade our existing solar unit and add more panels to ensure that it met the energy demands from heating and cooling. The upgrade was expensive, but the long-term saving on energy costs would be worth the investment. We upgraded and then called the heating industry expert for the installation. We are now almost fully solar-powered, and since the installation, we can assure everyone that solar cooling and heating help with indoor comfort without any failure. We can trace energy savings through the smart thermostat, so we are sure it’s working. Consulting a reliable heating business expert ensured we did not make any mistakes during the transition.

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