Going without HVAC service

When it comes to maintenance, I’ve neglected my air conditioner. Normally, I am actually conscientious about making sure that a heating and cooling technician comes out for typical service plus cleaning of my system. Lately, but, I’ve been actually strapped for money as I’ve had to spend my money for one unexpected incident after another. It has been a year since my air conditioning unit has gained service. I am going to try to schedule service at least by next month. The concern is, it’s already mid-November, and I am going to crank up the heating system pretty soon, because I can’t handle the cold anymore at night. I am actually hesitant about using my heating system without having an HVAC technician take a look at it first. I may actually well have to this time. At least it will only be about a month before I could send someone out. I am well aware that it’s best to make sure that a heating system is thoroughly cleaned plus in typical working order long before things start getting easily cold. Again, I have abided by this principle several years in the past, but my financial situation just couldn’t allow it this time around. I am crossing my fingers that everything will be okay. As soon as I can I will be calling out the HVAC supplier that I’ve regularly relied upon. They even provided me a reminder call recently to see if I was still interested in being a customer!
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