Had to stay with mom

I’m usually pretty easy to get along with, as far as most people are concerned.

I’m relatively laid back and like to find the bright side of things, even when times are tough.

There is one person who I cannot spend much time with unless I’m looking for an argument; my mother. She’s a perfectly lovely person, except she’ll never listen to a word I say or pay me any respect as a fellow functional human being. That’s why it was so hard to swallow my pride and ask her for help last week when my HVAC system failed. I got home from work the other night to find that my apartment was well over 90 degrees inside. I had left the thermostat on its normal settings, so I was pretty confused about what had gone wrong. I checked out the AC unit as best I could, and even called an electrical engineering friend over to examine the big air conditioner. Neither one of us could find an obvious reason for the trouble, so I finally resolved myself to spending money on a professional service and called the nearest HVAC specialist to investigate. After hours of waiting for the heating and cooling repairman to arrive, he finally concluded that the AC would need to be replaced entirely. Because my landlord is a piece of crap, he took his sweet time confirming the order and installation. During this time I had no choice but to flee from the sweltering heat of my apartment and had to call my mom – I’ve been staying with her for days now.


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