Learning to operate new thermostat

I’m a fairly intelligent human being, and I’m not just tooting my own horn.

I’m not saying that I have the IQ of a rocket scientist, but I do get along with people in the profession and that must count for something.

I’m a quick study and a rapid learner in almost all subjects, but there is one area that I fail to improve upon; I have never ending difficulty dealing with technology. I can operate a computer perfectly fine, so long as there are no bugs and everything runs according to plan. When things are acting up, however, I lose my cool and can’t usually remedy the issue. That’s why I was so nervous when we got a new thermostat installed with a fancy touch screen panel as the temperature control unit. The new temperature control mechanisms seemed pretty intuitive when I was looking through the instruction manual and I thought I was going to have no problem learning how to set temperatures, develop temperature control programs, and automatize our HVAC system for maximum efficiency. I imagined quickly learning my way around the thermostat and easily developing intricate programs for the household, but the reality has not been quite so impressive. Rather, I’ve been staring at the temperature controls for minutes on end, pressing buttons that seem to make sense, and crying in defeat when the temperature does not obey my desires. Maybe in a few months I”ll have a better grasp on this techy new thermostat and the heating and cooling system will actually do what I want.



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